Esquirrou Crowned World Champion Cheese

New Holland, PA (April 9, 2018) – Esquirrou, a hard sheep’s milk cheese made at Mauleon Fromagerie by Michel Touyarou and imported by Savencia Cheese USA, has been named the 2018 World Champion Cheese during the World Championship Cheese Contest, held in Madison, WI.

This is the first time a French cheese has won the contest and the first time Savencia Cheese USA has participated in the championship.

The cheese, pronounced ehs-keer-oo, bested a record-breaking 3,402 entries, in 121 categories from 26 countries. It earned a final score of 98.376 out of 100 in the final judging round. Esquirrou is crafted in the Pyrénées region of France. It is a hard cheese made using the milk of Manech ewes that graze in this beautiful region.

Esquirrou ages for six months and underneath its amber rind lies a rich ivory past with nutty notes and a toasted wheat aroma. It is a PDO Cheese, Protected Denomination of Origin, made traditionally and following strict process. Cheese connoisseurs traditionally pair it with cherry preserves. “This is an exciting moment for the cheese world and we are thrilled that Esquirrou is the first French cheese recognized for its exquisite texture, taste and flavor and are eager to have everyone experience our best in class cheese,” states Dominique Huth, CEO Savencia Cheese USA.

Esquirrou is available at Wegmans and fine stores nationwide with a suggested retail value of $25/lb. Savencia Cheese USA is proud to craft the best domestic cheese such as Dorothy, and French cheeses such as Esquirrou, Etorki, St Andre, St Agur and many others.